James Hoot

Director, Filmmaker, Producer

James is a passionate vegan filmmaker and full-time animal rights activist. His travels have taken him to more than 30 countries and given him a unique perspective on the global growth of the vegan movement. Planet Vegan is his first film project.

Alex Przewozniak

Lead Editor

Alex always had the characteristics of a creative: he is unorganized and screw-loose. His hobby evolved into his passion and was the foundation of working in the film industry. He graduated from a professional education as an audio-visual media designer and works as a cinematographer on music videos, corporate videos, commercials and more. Planet Vegan is his first documentary project.

Lars Walther

Assistant Editor

Coming from an acting background, Lars’ filmmaking career started in 2008. He soon developed a passion for the work behind the camera and directed, shot, and edited dozens of short films, two web series and a commercial campaign. His love for the animals and the planet led him to find his way into being the voice behind the VeggieWorld Podcast in 2017, Germany’s largest vegan podcast. Editing Planet Vegan is his first full-featured documentary series.

Claudia Machnik

Graphic Design

After graduating from professional education as a media designer, Claudia started as a freelance designer while studying Multimedia and VR Design. Her role in the Planet Vegan Team includes creating the explanatory animations for the series as well as multimedia for marketing purposes.

Philipp Stephan

Sound Composer

Philipp is a composer, producer and audio engineer. His love for music and everything audio related is only surpassed by his coffee addiction. He is a self-proclaimed pasta aficionado. When he is not in the studio he enjoys fitness, consuming calories and being in nature. He has written music for the likes of Sony Entertainment, Porsche, Gran Turismo, Nitro, Jaeger Le Coultre and many others.