Rich Roll

Ultra Endurance Athlete

James Aspey

Animal Rights Activist

Chef Charity Morgan

Plant-Based Chef

Mark Post

CSO Mosa Meat

Kim Sturia

Animal Place

Tia Blanco

Professional Surfer

Ethan Brown

CEO Beyond Meat

Dr. Michael Greger

Lisa Feria

Stray Dog Capital

Earthling Ed

Animal Rights Activist

Lisa Lange


Cam F Awesome

USA Boxer

Anita Krajnc

The Save Movement

Matt Rice

Mercy for Animals

Caryn Dugan


Leah Doellinger

Meat the Victims

New Roots

Swiss Vegan Cheese

That Vegan Couple

Animal Rights Activists

Virtuous Pie

Vegan Pizza

Eat Drink Vegan

L.A Vegan Festival

Dr. Neal Barnard


Sebastian Joy


Seb Alex

Animal Rights Activist

Dominika Piasecka

The Vegan Society

And many more!